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Interesting articles 2009-02-18

Books image on new favourite to the RSS reader is the blog by Will Carling, the ex-England rugby player.  His direct opinion on the games, squads and players is a must for all rugby fans.  And if you are that way inclined he Twitters during the matches in real time.  See Will’s world >>

A straight forward and strangly honest write up on how-to link spam to lazy way. Slightly shady SEO >>

The new canonical link tag from all the main search engines.  So, if you cant sort out your URLs correctly you can use this to indicate to Google, MSN and Yahoo which version of the page is the real one.  I thought they could do this.  Oh well. 
Its on MSNs blog >> &  See the article on Matt Cutts’ blog >>

An interesting piece talking about how Google’s SERPs may be on AJAX to stop scrappers, bid management software etc getting an unfair advantage. >>

The MSN blog is starting to produce some useful and well written practical guides.  Here is a link to part 4 of a series on how to optimise your large sites for search.   MSN Blog article >> 

A new blog from the google team, this time for social media.  This could be good. Take a look at Social Web blog for yourself >>

Blackhat-SEO is also worth a read. There were a couple of articles that I enjoyed this week.  Well done guys.  You should subscribe to this site if you havent already done so.  See Black Hat SEO >>

Google Japan Buys Pay-Per-Post Links


Here is just an interesting article if you follow the search world in the APAC region.  It just shows you (if true) how the left hand doesnt always know what the right hand is doing!

This artcle (with screen grabs) is suggesting that Google Japan is engaging in activities to promote itself which *some* might describe as buying links.

Well take a read and form you own opinion

Take a look at the my original source >>

Dodgy pitching suppliers

road-block-adrian-landI am fortunate that I know a few people all over the world, in many different locations and companies.

One of my work place “pet hates” are suppliers who embelish the truth, to the point of deliberately misleading you.

So, working for a household brand now, part of a larger household brand, we are cited by many companies as casestudies.  Quite rightly I get calls to validate their claims.

Its always better to get a personal recemmendation rather than a staged testimonial.

Just recently there have been a few instances.  Here are some of my favourites.

“We advised X to do this”.

Under questioning and checking directly with their cited contact, they had mentioned it in a pitch, in work they never got !

“Well thats what X does.”

This is always fun when they cite a company who you are ‘related’ too and check or you know the person who did the work and you know the truth.

Moral of this story.  Take all comments/casestudies at face value and definately check them out.

Do you have any to add?

Snowed-in in London

We woke up this morning to find that we were snowed in.  Well, to get anywhere it would be really hard work.  This first photos is from my front door.

from my front door at 7am 2nd Feb 2009

This is the view down my street.

my street at 7am 2nd Feb 09

And the building work in my garden will be on hold today I think !

over the building work in my garden

How come all the infrastructure in a city as big as London has ground to a halt !?