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Useful Mozilla plug-ins

MozillaTo do my job I relie on a whole series of tools.  Here are my personal favourites.
  • Rank Checker by for ranking spot checks
  • Live HTTP header for seeing what’s going on in the background.
  • Speeddial – allows you to set up to 9 pretty bookmarks (Chrome ripped it off), comes with Page Info which tells you the top level info all in one place.
  • Stumbleupon toolbar for when you get bored with the net and see something new!
  • CookieWatcher – show value of cookie in statusbar (i.e. SESSID)
  • Download Statusbar – screen real estate efficient download status indicator 
  • Firebug + Firecookie for working out how things are actually working and mocking up changes
  • PDF Download – provides more control over what happens when you click on a link for a PDF
  • User Agent Switcher – quick switch to different user agents
  • Web Developer – oldy but goody
  • FoxClocks – show time from various time zones
  • Tiny Menu – customise menu bars. Mine is a single menu that opens to reveal all of the standard Firefox menus
Can you think of any others?

Google SERPs for blog

The ever changing Google SERPs showed me at the end of last week a new way of presenting blog and forum posts.  This is genuinely helpful.  I havent seen it since, but if you enlarge the image below by clicking on the image you will see an addition piece of text like.

“4 posts – 2 authors – Last post: 12 Mar 2007”

Google screenshot of blog post

You dont see many personal blogs in the SERPs, and by definition you need at least two ‘authors’ to be a multi-person blog and forum.  It seems the Google has that info and even wants to share it now.

Take a look for yourself.


Google’s SEO Starter Guide

Those helpful folk at Google have written a really simple and easy to follow PDF to explain the basics of SEO and how to do this on a small site.  It is worth a read.  Here is a link to download their file. (549kb)

You might want to compare this to my article about common SEO mistakes.

Here are some other Google articles 


Interesting articles 2008-11-12

Here are some of the things I have read this week …..

Social Media
This article is spelling out a few home truths about Social Media and some mis comprehensiions.  My personal take on the diggs, stumbles, yahoo buzz and their ilke are good for creating a buzz, to get your page spread wide and put in front a lot of active internet people.  My personal experiences show that if you make your tipping point you can get blog and even main stream coverage.  Its about spreading your idea!

See the original Is social media a waste of time? on SEOBook >>

A picture of the physical internet
Not really sure how I have this on my screen, but thought it was interesting to see the physcial connections of the internet. Anyway check it out. 

See the picture here >> 

How many searches are done?
This article is on an American site citing American data but still interesting to see that overall all searches are actually up.  From the UK perpsective and specifically in travel, we have been told that the volume of searches are generally down!  So, I wonder what sectors or vertical are booming?

See the article on PropelMedia >>

SMX Round ups
There have been many this week, some good, some bad and some alright!  Anyway here is a link to just one.

See this post on SEO Gadget >>

And this one for Day 2 >>

Internet usage stats
Its always good to know your potential opportunity.  The first hurdle we sweep past is that your audience is online and believe it or not, some people in some locations arent even online !  There is some good tabular data on  There are some internet stats and it breaks down in to individual countries.  I didnt realise that just over a quarter of online people are Europe.   And in Europe we are not even at 50% usage penetration in the UK.  

See the article on Internet World Stats >>





Interesting articles 2008-11-07