Reminiscing – how to send an email – 1984 video

I showed this video to my son (8yrs old) and he didn’t recognise the computer, the analogue phone, or why they were talking so excitingly about sending an email. This why he was on a school-locked social media system on a Mac on his lap. Not a funny sound, nor cable insight! I then had to explain that you had information via your TV on teletext!

It just shows how far we have come in our life-time.

An oldie but a goodie

During some research (yes, even I have to admit I don’t know everything), I came across this old (2011) video about ‘what is SEO’. I watched it and to be honest I liked it. The simplicity of the explanation and the wholesome nature was pleasing.

Tom’s photography-stop-motion

At Tom’s junior school they do ‘University’ on Friday afternoons. He has taken, “Photo-stop-motion”. So, inspired by creative story telling and a clever app or two here are the first movies he made this weekend.

What do you think?

ATATs get attacked

Luke attacks the sandcrawler and escapes

Scabbers versus Luke

The Star Wars magic portal